Lloyd Tosoff is a Canadian author, screenwriter, songwriter and painter who transitioned from his role as an accomplished chief executive in an award winning company that he was instrumental in building to to explore his many creative interests.

He has written and published four novels and is now working on his fifth manuscript. In addition to completing his current manuscript he is painting the characters in oil on canvas and plans to use the images in his novel.

A prolific natural born storyteller with a descriptive writing style, Tosoff's novels create energy and excitement that keep readers on the edge of their seats through action driven plots with surprising twists and turns. Clever dialogue and well crafted narrative draw the reader into story-lines with gripping conflict from the opening first sentence to a satisfying ending. Tosoff's work is well researched and his character development colorful and believable.

As a student of the Creative Writing program at the University of Toronto Lloyd completed the study of advanced screenwriting in 2013. His formal study has been an invaluable tool in creating the gripping narrative and interesting character development that consistently results in top Kirkus Reviews and readers who give 5 star reviews to his work.

John Ellis
"One of the best traditional country songwriters I've ever worked with. The younger generation could really benefit from giving his work a listen. He's the real deal."
~ John Ellis, producer