Lloyd Tosoff

A natural born storyteller with a descriptive writing style, Tosoff's novels create energy and excitement that keep readers on the edge of their seats through action driven plots with surprising twists and turns. His training as a screenwriter has given him a voice and style that converts into a reading experience that many liken to watching an action thriller movie cast with characters right out of Hollywood. Clever dialogue and well crafted narrative draw the reader into story-lines with gripping conflict from the opening first sentence to a satisfying ending; the hallmark of Tosoff's imaginative and entertaining writing style. Whether it is an action thriller like the Ian MacLeod series or a touching novel of military historical fiction like Escape from Konigsberg, his work is well researched and his character development colorful and believable. Readers give his novels 5 stars for good reason; they are page turners with gripping narrative, believable dialogue and cliff hangers that make you want to read one more chapter before putting it down. His latest novel, the first in the Ian MacLeod Action Thriller Series was lauded by three major book reviewers including a worthy Kirkus Review.

Lloyd transitioned from his role as an accomplished chief executive in an award winning company that he was instrumental in building to pursuing his love of the written word in 2009. His first novel “The Consultant” written under a pen name reached #2 in Kindle Crime Fiction in the UK.

He is working on two new writing projects; one that extends his first novel into a three part action thriller series about a naïve accountant who pits his intellect against the ruthless Scottish mob after he is set up as a patsy for a murder he did not commit. The first in the series Point of Return was released in February 2018 with rave reviews. The next two in the series will be released in 2018 as well. He is also writing a second edition of Escape from Konigsberg, a novel set in WWII telling a story based on true experience as told by a man who survived the Soviet occupation of East Prussia to escape on top of a coal train bound for Berlin with his two sisters aged six and ten during the bitter winter of 1945.

As a student of the Creative Writing program at the University of Toronto Lloyd completed the study of advanced screenwriting in 2013. His formal study has been an invaluable tool in creating the gripping narrative and interesting character development that consistently results in readers who give 5 star reviews to his work.

Since 2014 in concert with his novels, he has also written hundreds of songs, 13 of which were on his first progressive country album “Road To Somewhere” released in 2016.

“Win, Draw or Lose” is Lloyd’s second album released in 2017. Produced by award winning producer John Ellis, it is a collection of eight songs that reflect the timeless authenticity of country music from the 70s.

“Road To Somewhere” has been extensively downloaded by radio across the globe with songs from the album receiving heavy rotation in regional markets. Several notable Nashville songwriters and music industry personalities have endorsed Lloyd’s songwriting skills.

2018 will see a handful of Lloyd's songs covered by other artists. Missouri based country artist Blake Pierce released Lloyd's song "Jesse and You" which has received great response on country radio in the south. US country artist Terry Douglas plans on releasing an entire CD of Lloyd's songs on his upcoming project, North of 49 in 2018.

John Ellis
"One of the best traditional country songwriters I've ever worked with. The younger generation could really benefit from giving his work a listen. He's the real deal."
~ John Ellis, producer