The Ian MacLeod Action Thriller Series

November 10 2018

Seven years in the making, this action packed series will keep you on the edge of your seat with non-stop twists and turns and compelling cliffhangers. This is an outlier form the genre as it delves deeply into the backstory and psychology of all the main characters, giving the reader insight and empathic connection to what motivates their behavior. Watch the video on You Tube

Featured in the coveted Kirkus Review Magazine

July 28 2018

I am honored to have Escape from Konigsberg selected as one of very few Indy authored novels to make this prestigious magazine that is read by an international audience. Now it needs readers to give it the life it deserves by immersing themselves in this touching tale of love, loss and hope framed in a coming of age historical literary work. So proud of this novel. Buy it now…/…/1985067005. #lloydtosoffauthor

New York Review of Books

July 05 2018

The New York Review of Books featured "Escape from Konigsberg" in their University Press Edition which will be followed by the compelling review of Lloyd Tosoff's gripping novel in the Kirkus magazine on July 1, 2018. The novel is getting so much attention that it will be featured in the fall edition aimed at industry people in the wrap up year end edition on August 15, 2018.