MBC Radio Network adds If Your Aim is True to regular rotation

July 05 2020

The track is from a largely unreleased album, "Win Draw or Lose" recorded in 2017 and featured on the Home page.

The 8 song disk was produced by award winning Canadian instrumentalist and producer John Ellis. Musicians: Jay Buettner, Electric Guitar, John Ellis, Pedal Steel, Kirby Barber, Bass, Matthew Atkins, Drums, Angela Harris, Background Vocals.

Lloyd's new project is Canadiana Roots and will be a collection of songs about the heritage of Canadian life such as is depicted in the upcoming track, "An Old Grid Road previewed on Lloyd's You Tube channel."

"If Your Aim is True" is based on true events during a 1990 road trip and a stop at the now defunct Keeler Hotel in Keeler Saskatchewan, where Lloyd met one of Keeler's founders, Duncan Keeler who he fashioned the wise old character in the tune after.

Black Diamond Conspiracy

June 27 2020

This upcoming novel is now a feature length screenplay ready for production.

Review for Glory Bound, the novel

April 18 2020

Glory Bound is a superbly written chronicle of one man's journey from Europe to the new Canadian Pacific Northwest. The author flawlessly weaves the story over multi-generational characters who endure life altering trials, tribulations, bigotry, poverty and war. It is a fascinating and gripping journey filled with lovable and heroic characters. In today's world of growing xenophobia this novel is a striking reminder of the enduring good that comes from one man's simple decision to find a new home. (Review by Thomas R. Szczesniak, March 4, 2020 from Amazon Kindle)