Win, Draw or Lose getting played Down Under

September 09 2017

Getting lots of play for Win, Draw or Lose in OZ thanks to Independent radio stations like IMP with DJ Suzy & IMP Indie County on OCR FM Australia.

Escape From Konigsberg Novel by Lloyd Tosoff

September 03 2017

Returning to novel writing, Lloyd Tosoff continues to live up to his brand @Words__Music. His last novel Escape From Konigsberg continues to rank high in Kindle literary historical fiction. It is a wonderful story about one family's struggle to survive the horrors of warfare and a young man's coming of age when he embarks a journey to find himself and his POW father after fleeing the former Prussian city of Konigsberg. Based on a true story and real events

Radio Downloads in Europe Brisk

August 26 2017

Win, Draw or Lose has received 35 downloads to country radio in European FM markets in it first week of release. A promising start for a great classic country song collection.