News Blog 2017 4th Quarter

November 02 2017

Now you can find out about and buy my novels on my website. Track the progress of the 3rd edition of my first novel now titled "Point of Return". The Ian MacLeod Action Thriller Series.

Lloyd Tosoff, Author Songwriter Fall Update

Now on DMDS for country radio

October 25 2017

Radio release October 25, 2017 Lloyd Tosoff on DMDS 3 songs from the classic country album produced by John Ellis, Win, Draw or Lose

Songwriting Legend Gary Gentry lauds Lloyd Tosoff's classic country song "One Shot at a Time"

September 11 2017

Nashville songwriting legend Gary Gentry just posted "GREAT STORY and reminds me of so many I've known" on his FB page. One Shot at a Time is a song that tells of the many great country stars who died with a bottle in their hand. Listen to it on my Home page or on the videos.