Review for Win Draw or Lose

March 10 2020

"Hi Lloyd...finally had a chance to listen to your CD. I love it. Great tunes, lyric, playing, production. Great voice! Particularly on "Love Never Dies", your vocal performance is nothing less than spectacular. Some of the best country music singing I've ever heard." ~ Tom Szczesniak

Tom Szczesniak has performed as a musician on the scores of over 100 feature films, numerous television shows and over 1,000 commercials. As a player, he has also been much in demand by some of the finest international performing artists, as well as performances for former U.S. Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson.

As a composer and arranger, Tom has used his writing skills to enhance a wide variety of cinematic, televised, commercial and theatrical productions, and has been an integral part of several highly regarded music production houses.