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Lloyd Pilling Tosoff began his writing career in 2010, penning two non-fiction books on leadership and the neuroscience of change, a subject he researched extensively. He began exploring his creative side after leaving a four decade career that culminated as a primary leader and chief executive in an award winning Canadian company. Although his entry into the literary world was late,

Lloyd has been a prolific author with ten published works to his credit. His novels have been recognized by readers and reviewers worldwide, and his top ranking Kirkus Reviews can be viewed at the Kirkus website. His first novel, a Scottish mob thriller, entered the market at #2 in UK Kindle Crime Fiction. His poignant novel, Escape from Konigsberg, has been compared by readers with the likes of Dr. Zhivago, and his prose as cinematic, lucid, and crisp.

The son of a successful construction contractor, Lloyd received an education in applied science, and over a lengthy career came up through the ranks, eventually becoming a major shareholder in one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. He retired in 2009 from his role as a chief executive and visionary leader, to pursue his artistic interests.

Lloyd’s newest work, Black Diamond Conspiracy is set in Canada during the 1980s and is about the underground contraband scene prolific at the time. His best seller, Children of Pleiades, released in 2020 is a two-part series that begins as an ancient, historical human drama that reflects the superstition and folklore of the people who first populated England’s Salisbury Plain. The first in the series, Rise of the Henge, tells the story of a sacred bloodline with legends of star men, and the struggle between forces of good and evil that defines the human condition.

Lloyd has returned to writing about people in his work in progress, “A Dance of Light and Shadow”. “A DANCE OF LIGHT AND SHADOW” is a meandering collection of personal narrative that leads into a relevant worldview and concludes with a cogent, scientifically coherent argument that explores the sought-after missing link that has eluded humankind since the beginning of recorded history. This three-part book is a journey through the complex divisive milieu of the human mind and brain.   Coming TBA.

Lloyd comes from a musical family, and has a keen interest in song writing, as well as oil painting.

A proud Canadian, Lloyd lives on a secluded acreage on beautiful Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada, with his wife, Karen who edits his work. They have four children and four grandchildren.

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