Glory Bound

Glory Bound

Glory Bound is Lloyd Pilling Tosoff’s fifth novel and is based on true events from his own father’s memoirs, as well as scant knowledge of his paternal grandfather’s life.  Set in the European war theatre, Northern Canada, and the remote mountains of western Bulgaria, this novel tells of one man’s experience of WWII and the backstory of a lost heritage as a father’s escape from religious oppression, and his son’s fight against Hitler, requires them to reclaim their lost years.


To take the life you are given and raise it up to a higher purpose against all odds is to define the term, “Glory Bound”. Born and raised with neither means nor opportunity to go beyond the humble beginnings of his heritage, Ted Dimitroff was a man of courage that defied the odds against him. It was the spring of 1941 when the 17-year-old walked into the Canadian Army recruiting office in Prince George, Canada and lied about his age to join in the war effort against Nazi Germany. Many like Ted, had forefathers who fled their homelands and left behind an unspoken past. This is the story of a father and a son, both of whom shared life circumstances that required them to reclaim their lost years.

“The author flawlessly weaves the story over multi-generational characters who endure life altering trials, tribulations, bigotry, poverty and war. It is a fascinating and gripping journey filled with lovable and heroic characters.”
– Tom Szczesniak

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